World Citizen Artists are artists, creatives and fans from all continents, backgrounds, styles, ages, political views, religious beliefs, levels of wealth and poverty. We unite those who believe that together we can create positive change in the World.

‘Love’ by Revelation (Jamaica)
Emotions are very important to me. This world we live in is filled with emotions—what makes the difference is what[...]
#OneSkyAbove by Amen BK (Tunisia)
We all have similarities as well as differences. Our similarities unite us, and our differences are something to be celebrated.[...]
Spread Some Love by Tasha T (Canada/Jamaica)
Peace has always been one of my highest values. When I’m at Peace, I feel happy and free within myself[...]
Kuwingamo by Yvonne Mwale (Zambia/Germany)
The background of ‘Kuwingamo’ is creating Peace in the world, bringing people together and ending suffering across the different continents.[...]
Boomerang by Sonam Dolma Brauen (Switzerland)
Boomerang is a large, floor-sized installation created from ammunition shells. The shells, which seem to go on forever, provide the[...]
Books106 Peace by Irmari Nacht (USA)
We are all affected by changes in the environment and are beginning to realize the need to recycle to protect[...]
How World Citizen Artists Has Changed My Life by Artist Anne Mwiti (Kenya)
Participating in the World Citizen Artists Awards 'COMPETE FOR PEACE - NOT WAR' helped me begin a journey of international[...]
‘Citizen of the World’ Statuette by Lorri Acott (USA)
"Two years ago I entered the competition and was a finalist and the only sculptor who made it to the[...]
Let’s Hope by Jobarteh Kunda (Germany/Gambia)
Since we commenced our music journey 20 years ago, of course we have hoped to succeed in what we do.[...]
Dark Blue Faith by Marie-Denise Douyon (Haiti/Canada)
As a Montrealer in a Quebec that is increasingly more concerned about climate change, I centre my  artistic approach on[...]
Love Without a Cause by Monica Manaker (Israel)
Hope, is knowing that after a "tsunami" something will remain and that something is the hope for a better now,[...]
Ray Of Hope by Joan Burger Siem (USA)
Artists may sometimes feel powerless, but they certainly aren't. J.F. Kennedy once talked about how Art nourishes the roots of[...]
A sense of Hope by Yuni Ko (Korea/Canada)
I painted the ‘Hope’ series in response to the news report of Aylan Kurdi, a 3-year-old boy who died during[...]
When a Child Stands Alone by Abi (UK)
I am a singer song writer from the UK, living in Scotland. I come from a musical background and work[...]
A Sense of Unity Through Art by Raju Dyapur (India)
I am an artist based in Bangalore, India. After having worked in the IT sector for nearly 21 years, I[...]
For Those Who Died Trying by Luke Duggleby (UK)
Since I moved from the UK to Southeast Asia over a decade ago I have found my work focusing more[...]
Mystery Tree by Taskin Butt (Kenya)
The painting ‘Mystery Tree’, an original painting by Taskin Butt created in 2015 inspired by nature, and the trees that[...]
Change is My Teacher by Daniel Haselwanter (Austria)
A friend of mine introduced me to the World Citizen Artists One for All Competition, and kept reminding me to[...]
I Believe Education is the Key by Nomfusi (South Africa)
I like the idea of the network to create peace through arts. I believe artists have always been and will[...]

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