Confluencia by Alejandra Y (Mexico)

In “Confluence” two lights merge, they barely touch each other. the two colours get to know each other, approaching and respecting each other’s territories, keeping a balance and a suitable distance in order to develop an harmonious energy of peace.

In this painting, I am expressing the boundaries and borders that surround us, define us, defend us or make us free. These boundaries are the paths that overflow any texture that claims to be a limit.

The doors that are the intersections that encounter and exchange. They are among the closed ones. This piece represents the union and flows between neighbours, living on the margins of the intersections, which are the source of change. It represents the principle of stability.
Mi piece “Confluence”, belongs to a colection ”Las puertas de K”, that is inspired in “The Castle”, where K is guided by the pen of Franz Kafka to a dark hall full of doors.

The consciousness is an approach, the observation of an object. the confluence on this piece is the analysis, the exchange and the key element. The deviation and random collisions of parallel elements meet and conceive alternated worlds.


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