Change through Crisis by Carlos Blanco Rodriguez (Spain)

Refugees from war are the consequence of the failure of the due intelligence to solve political, social, economic and religious crises. This is not a failure of certain countries or religions; war refugees are the demonstration of the failure of humanity, and all of us who consider ourselves human beings are involved in this failure.

I realise that as a human race, in its inner and sociological aspects, in the realm of sentiment, in what we call “humanity”, intelligence hasn’t evolved at all; we keep reacting in the same way as the Neolithic man did. The only difference may be that in that time we invaded foreign territories, massacring and subjugating their inhabitants with bows, spears and sticks; today humanity has developed its formal intelligence, external or technological, to develop an increasingly sophisticated arms industry in order to subjugate nations and generate an economy that immensely benefits a minority that doesn’t care in the least about the humanitarian consequences that this may cause.

Given this fact, human failure as an irrefutable fact, indisputable, difficult to accept but a palpable reality from which none of us is exempt, it is us, each one of us, who have created this society,  maintain it this way, and don’t even consider changing it. Changing it from ourselves, starting at home, asking ourselves “What can we do?”, “What can I do?”, and acting in consequence, from intelligence, from peace, from love, from values that should reign in humanity, in my humanity, with the scarce means we have, with the tools we manage best.

The refugees crisis is a great opportunity to make this change.

Escuché la Mirada

I heard the look
It spoke to me from the depths of his hopeless poverty.
Pleading eyes green-olive-Gypsies,

They asked for money or bread,
And implored compassion,
But they cried out for awareness!
His glassy eyes,

More than hunger and poverty
They told me of injustice,
Lack of opportunities,

Marginalization and violence …
They spoke of understanding,
But they screamed awareness!


About Carlos:

Born in Madrid, Spain, Carlos now lives in Caracas, Venezuela, where he moved with his family in 1957. He studied Dramatic Arts in “El Ateneo”, took private lessons in artistic painting with Master Aranaz and painting lessons in Escuela de Bellas Artes. He then took courses on social promotion and worked as a promoter for communities in marginal neighbourhoods in Caracas (1970-71).

Carlos travelled through various South American countries, learning how to make leather handcrafts, fabrics, metal engraving, lathe and ceramics. Additionally, he studied Architectonic Drawing and worked several years as a draughtsman, making architecture models. He also worked as a teacher of Technical Drawing and Civil Construction at a private school for two years and taught Craft Design at the most prestigious school in Venezuela until the year 1981.

In the year 2005, having held more than 20 expositions in Venezuela, Carlos moved with his wife and four children to Asturias, Spain, where he held more than 15 expositions, edited a poetry book, served on a jury for a painting competition for three years and attended sculpture classes at the Escuela de Arte de Oviedo.