Climate Change Refugees by Dorsi Lynn Diaz (USA)

Dorsi Lynn Diaz dorsi new pic 2014

“Climate change is responsible for 5 million deaths each year – 400,000 due to hunger and communicable diseases aggravated by climate change.”

A Volatile Terrain: The Art of Climate Change art show and exhibit will be at The Sun Gallery at 1015 E St. in Hayward, Ca. from June 19 – July 27, 2014. To learn more about this project which originated as a Kickstarter project, you can read the full details about the project here: The Art of Climate Change and also at www.TheArtof

Dorsi Lynn Diaz , project creator and founder of “The Art of Climate Change”, is an artist, art educator and freelance writer and publisher. She has been reporting on climate change for the San Francisco Examiner for over 6 years and is also a contributing writer at The Arctic News, Boomer Warrior and at Hubpages, where her articles have been read over 2 million times. Her newest project has been to bring together people from all walks of life to educate them about the growing threat of climate change through the arts, with a huge focus on teaching the children and reaching families through a multi-modal approach. Although arts based, her approach also considers the scientific research and possible solutions to climate change along with a call to action. Her latest collaboration has been with The Sun Gallery to bring to life “A Volatile Terrain: The Art of Climate Change”, which originated as a crowd-funded project through Kickstarter. Dorsi is also one the art educators at the Sun Gallery and leads tours and field trips both at schools and in the Gallery. She also teaches the Free Art Saturday program for families at the gallery.

“In participation with WCA, I hope to provide a voice for the children and their families. I think art can be a bridge to understanding and educating the world through the creative process.”

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