Kiribati by Aziz Anzabi (Iran)

The problem for the people living in Kiribati, a tiny country in pacific ocean is to be living on an island which is sinking because of global warming. This country will disappear forever.

In this painting, I tried to show this problem that this population is experiencing.

Aziz AnzabiThe two hands are the symbol of natural hazards that cause human suffering.

Humans create this themselves and the conclusion is that Earth will be wiped out eventually and humans will die. The pieces of the mirror are meant to show that it may happen to us (the reflection).

I had read an article on BBC that inspired me to create this painting in support for the people of Kiribati Island. I wanted to raise awareness on this issue.

This painting was exhibited in a group exhibition in London and I also featured  this piece on social media.

I am originally from Iran and I am based in London. I focus on sculpture and painting. My ultimate goal is to make the viewers feel my messages through my work. My work has been displayed and purchased worldwide, from UK, USA, Spain, Italy and Dubai.

In addition, it has also been exhibited on National Stamps and has written film scripts in the Middle East. Besides sculpting and painting, I am an academic, who has written and produced books on various art’s topics such as mathematics after being a professor at Tehran University.”

I support World Citizen Artists Because I believe it’s a good way to make a better world.