Captives by Karey Maurice Counts (USA)

  “The thing which springs most quickly to my mind in regard Mr. Nelson Mandela is how far the calls for human rights are heard well beyond the boarders of South Africa.”

Last year I met a biographer visiting the United States named Roger Friedman. We met at an exhibition, and the exhibiting photographs were of Mr. Mandela and taken by a South African named Benny Gool. Mr Friedman and I naturally talked about Mandela while enjoying the amazing photographs. He was actually from South Africa so he knew first hand what imperialism does to a society no matter the time, place, or people. The history of imperialism alone is a good reason to get involved in a global organization such as World Citizen  Artists. WCA seeks to make human rights commonly recognized through the creative efforts of artists who submit their passionate works towards a common cause.

I created my paintings shortly after Mr. Mandela’s 1990 release from prison and his world peace talks. During his visit here to the United States at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, NY, Mandela sparked a new spirit of self awareness in African Americans, Latinos, and other minorities throughout the nation and around the world, and this positive movement eventually swung all the way back to South Africa!

The captive series illustrates the real reality of the fact that nobody is free and we are all captives by certain political policies that are out dated and serve only the people who can enforce them.

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