Peace is Possible By Belgin Bozsahin (UK/TURKEY)

The United Nations Declaration of the Right of Peoples to Peace … Solemnly proclaims that the peoples of our planet have a ‘sacred right’ to peace … and that is celebrated on International Day of Peace, on 21st September.

Peace springs from everyone’s heart

Peace is a feeling. It is the feeling of calmness

Peace shows us we are all the same human beings

Peace is not a goal to be reached, but a place we want to call home

Peace sings the song of kindness

Peace begins within ourselves. I believe that Peace cannot be found in any institution. 

Every human being has the power to create  peace. It is definitely possible! 

I create to express, share and celebrate. The gentle invitation of peace can reach out from every heart.

My aim is to achieve a sense of hope and beauty that is common to us all. I want to touch the human heart.

I was born and brought up in Istanbul and have been living in London for almost three decades. I volunteered with a team to enable peace education in the UK and Turkey. I am a contributor to Arts4Giving, which supports peace and humanitarian projects around the world.

Thank you World Citizen Artists for this opportunity to celebrate ‘peace’.  I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who is actively working in their own way to make this a reality in our lifetime.

I would like to humbly refer you to the film “Peacemakers” where two men, both passionately dedicated to promoting peace Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day and Prem Rawat, Ambassador for Peace, share their wisdom and experience:

As Jeremy Gilley  quoted:

‘I have spent 13 years on the road, talking about peace and trying to create a day of peace, which we did, and the idea that if our world could unite, separate from politics and religions, and stand together as one, then in that unity would perhaps come a little shift, in our consciousness around the fundamental relationship that we have around peace and sustainability and the idea that we come together as one … standing together in the name of peace. ‘

Choose Peace!


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