Unity and Diversity by Nikki Anand (India)

1Since the inception of time, souls born on Earth were meant to be with each other. We started evolving according to our skin color, languages, borders, religions, etc. Yet if we look inward,our basic instinct is the same for all of us. We all need love, companionship, food and procreation. We all enjoy the rhythm of music, the sunrise, the feeling of serenity of our faith in the Universal energies which gives us hope and joy . In fact even the color of our blood is the same, it’s our world over irrespective of the caste, creed or gender. Art is one such medium which is a silent yet a powerful example of our oneness. It is a language of communication which without a word, it expresses Euphoria and goes straight to the heart. This is why I admire WCA: they have built a platform to enable artists to go forward and to communicate unity and diversity in our World.



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