Ventus by Rosa Santibañez N. (Chile)

During the history of our humanity, the symbol that always has represented the concept of “peace” has been the dove, which was became prominent during the 20th century.

One of the greatest artist who acknowledged the dove to be a symbol of peace was Pablo Picasso, who did a series of ‘doves’ drawings and one of those was chosen as an emblem for the World Peace Congress in 1949, after the Second World War.
Having said that, my work titled ‘Ventus’ (Wind) is a bronze sculpture with a bird shape and
simultaneously with a human appearance.

We know that we always have related the concept of peace with a flying dove, because it would represent the liberty, peace, the love and purity: everything that human beings have been looking throughout the humanity’s history. In this sense, this bird shaped sculpture has human attributes due to the constant wish of positive inner state that mankind wanted for itself and in the meantime, for everyone until it became a life purpose.

‘Ventus’ represents the subject of peace through the development of its shapes, which shows us harmony and equilibrium in its composition.

For me, to be in peace means ‘to be free’, because when we feel free, we are at peace within ourselves, with people and with the environment that surrounds us. This bronze sculpture
expresses the balance, the energy, the strength and the vitality of peace.

During the creation of this piece, I was inspired by the wind element, and the subtle feature of motion and lightness of the air related the human spirit waving to the fragility of peace and freedom.
International Day of Peace is for me one of the most relevant event for our world history. It  when we can raise awareness on the importance of peace.


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