The ‘World Citizen Artists Awards’ pay tribute to artists, musicians and creatives. World Citizen Artists regularly selects Awardees whom we have either noticed or have been recommended to us by our audience. These Awardees are artists, musicians and creatives who have already made a real humanitarian difference in the World through their work. Occasionally, we organise competitions through which artists, musicians and creatives have an opportunity to become Awardees by demonstrating the humanitarian impact they are creating through their work. Anyone is welcome to suggest someone to be nominated for an Award. 


ONE FOR ALL is the most challenging Awards initiative as it is on a specific theme each time. The theme is related to local non profit organisations that WCA carefully selects. The NGOs receive a portion of the minimum $1 entry fees to support their work to create positive change and impact lives.

RECOGNITION: WCA is always looking for the next artists who will make history as an ambassador of the specific humanitarian cause for which One for All stands. As there is a minimum $1 entry fee, applicants receive a Free WCA membership as proof of their generosity as well as their commitment to WCA.

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COMPETE FOR PEACE – NOT WAR is the most competitive Awards initiative because many artists apply due to the free entry. The theme is also widely known and most artists therefore have their work ready to be sent. Compete for Peace – Not War involves renowned partners who are often celebrities. The winners and finalists are welcome to attend a culminating event (music or visual art), which is held in a prestigious venue with a humanitarian agenda. 

RECOGNITION: WCA is always seeking the next artists who will make history in being the WCA ambassador of Peace for this generation and generations to come.  Artists who are awarded during a Compete for Peace-Not War competition are being recognized for their art piece or song that promotes Peace. It is an artistic Peace Award.

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WCA regularly nominates Awards recipients as a recognition of their great humanitarian work. Anyone in the WCA community can suggest a nominee but artists cannot apply for themselves.

RECOGNITION: WCA is always searching for the most unusual artists and projects who will make history in the humanitarian World for this generation and generations to come. Artists who are awarded by the non-competitive awards are being recognized for their unique art piece or song that touches millions of hearts. 

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We give Awards to artists, musicians and creatives (movements and organisations included) whose work makes a significant humanitarian impact. Our aim is to provide encouragement and foster new initiatives. We’ll consider your nomination if you fill in the form below. We cannot respond individually to every nomination. However, to keep abreast of who has been awarded, please join our Awards subscriber list below. As each Award is made, we'll announce it by email to this list. Click here to find out about our previous Awards Recipients.

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