All of Us by Cara Tower (USA)

“Peace will come from each of us. Peace is the responsibility of individuals not nations.”

ALL OF US was written to help unite the focus of everyone, everywhere by helping us all to remember that we are human beings first and foremost. The lyrics are simple and yet, articulate everything every human being has in common with every other human being on the face of the earth. “All Of Us” focuses on the solution, not the problem. If we can get up everyday and place “I am a human being” before our religion, personal beliefs, economics, demographic location and circumstances, it’s easy to see that we have everything fundamentally in common. To make the choice to place “I am a human being” first is also a pro active step towards creating a pathway towards peace. A pathway, with clear steps from one place to another is where true advocacy exists. Without concrete steps, peace remains a dream, it remains an ethereal thing we are left only to imagine, and create beautiful slogans for. Let’s do more than dream and more than imagine. Let’s make it a reality!

The video is a solo rendition of me playing the “All Of Us” song in a slot canyon called Plaza Blanca, New Mexico. It’s good like this, but I have bigger visions for it! We’d like to produce it with singers and musicians from around the world.

So far, I’m in fundraising mode. We’d like to record the basic tracks in a professional studio. Then invite a few singers and musicians to participate in the production from around the world via the internet. For example, The famous Gabriel Abdel Nour from Lebanon has committed to sing All Of Us in both Arabic and English. Native American Hyda Maria Doughtery would like to play her native American flute on All Of Us. We’d like other singers from the Middle East, Africa and Europe, Asia, the Americas etc., a Chinese harpist, a Turkish percussionist etc.

The second phase is to compile, shoot, collect and/or borrow footage from film makers around the globe that show people doing a variety of things in a variety of ways; getting married, protesting in the street, celebrating, laughing, fighting, painting, dancing, or even singing on this song!

“If I can put the fact that I’m a human being first, before my politics, religion and economic interests, I can begin to reconnect with my own humanity. In so doing, I automatically respect the existence of every other human being.” –Cara Tower

All of Us

We come from the same universe
We live in the same world
We shoulder the same sorrow
We turn with the same sky
We sleep by the same moon
We stand under the same sun,
It shines on everyone…
Everyone of us
We’re all of us.
We swim the same sea
We breathe the same breath
We quench the same thirst

We feel the same pain
We long for the same love
We dream under the same stars
Venus and Mars
Everyone of us
We’re all of us
Everyone of us is touched by time
Not one of us is born to be unkind
Behind the cruel divide
When anger takes it’s side
As strange as it may seem
We’re all on the same team….
We warm by the same fire
We cradle the same heart
We bleed the same blood
We seek the same peace
We follow the same light
We dream under the same stars
Venus and Mars
We stand under the same sun
It shines on everyone
Everyone of us
We’re all of us
Everyone of us, all of us.


World Citizen Artists Winner 2014


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