The Seeing Tree by Delaine Cools (South Africa)

    Delaine Cools - The Seeing Tree

    Peace is something else altogether. You cannot touch it, feel it, smell it or taste it. And yet you know it when you have it.

    It is the one thing in an ever-changing world that we all aspire to. To enjoy peace and to keep it constant in our lives.
    There are many things we can do to harness peace in the world and in our own lives. We can choose to live in harmony with the people around us, to love each other like there’s no tomorrow, to be kind and compassionate, to treat animals with respect and to appreciate the earth as a living, conscious entity.
    Walking the peaceful path, we can choose a life of non-violence and embrace all the beauty and serenity that God has granted us. We can opt to live this life as the gift that it is and cherish the little everyday things we often take for granted.
    Being in harmony with nature is a sure way to welcome that sense of peace and well-being that we yearn for. As conscious, sentient beings, being peaceful is a choice we all make. It is the one gift we can give to ourselves and the most noble gift we can wish upon everyone else.

    Delaine Cools is a South African artist living on the east coast of the most amazing country on the planet. The beauty of the people and the splendour of the wild and wonderful African countryside is the inspiration behind her artistic creativity. She enjoys her time in the wide open spaces and would love to see humanity working towards a peaceful world, in tune with mother nature and preserving the planet for future generations and all living species on the planet. She is humbled by the generosity and compassion of the human spirit and the magic that exists everywhere you look for it.

    “The Seeing Tree”

    For Peace
    I see peace everywhere I look for it,
    And every time I search for it.
    I see peace in the trees,
    In the birds and the bees.
    I see peace in the butterflies
    And the flowers,
    In the seconds, minutes and the hours.
    I see peace in the grass and the leaves
    In the river and the streams,
    I see peace in the babies
    And the children,
    In happy people and their kindred spirit.
    I see peace in the poetry of Nature
    In the wind and the breeze,
    In the greenest of the valleys
    In the mountains and the sea.
    I see peace in the forest
    In the herbs green and fresh
    I see peace in the dewdrops
    In the rain and the snow
    I see peace in a sigh
    In a simple high,
    In a breath and a laugh
    In a smile and a giggle
    I see peace in a song
    In a lyric and a poem
    I see peace in paint
    In a stroke and a brush
    In a canvas and a gallery
    In the beauty of life.
    I see peace in creativity
    In joy and generosity
    I see peace in giving
    In the art of living.
    I see peace in every colour of the rainbow
    Red, orange, yellow
    Green, blue, indigo, violet and more
    In every tone and hue
    In every tint and shade
    In the darkness and the light
    In the morning sun so bright.
    I see peace in our rainbow nation
    In the vibrant people of South Africa
    In the continent of promise
    Here’s to peace in Africa.
    Blessings to the world,

    Choose peace!

    Delaine Cools




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